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Ryota Iwai Digital Media|Fort Laduerdale Local SEO Agency Web Services

"Need More Customers" Is Something R I D M Can Solve for Your Business. Digital Marketing Is Truly Changed the Way Businesses Can Succeed.

Our Local Business Customers Generate Average of 6 New Repeating Customers with Customer Acquisition Strategies with Minimum Investment Producing 3-5 Time ROI Every Single Month. Imagine How Your Business Could Transform in a 1-Year, 2-Year, or 3-Year.

Promoting Dreams by Visibility

Above the Clouds | Ryota Iwai Digital Media has been successfully ranking the website in TOP 5 positions on PAGE 1 of Search Engine Results

Does your business straggle getting noticed from a crowd?

Our Local & National SEO

Our local and national SEO can help your website rank on the very first page of Google Search Engine Results Pages and create massive organic search traffics to your website. They are targeted motivated customers who are looking for information, services, and products that you offer.

Setting Your High Expectations

We Help Businesses Grow Fast By Our Demonstrated Strategy That Will Make Your Business Dominate Your Competition on Google.

Enhance Exposure

Hand your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the position in Google. We build all digital roads lead to your success

Develop Customer Base

Our Services assist drive more clients or customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies

Amplify Revenue

Watch as your company grows from a new stream of queries or customers who want to purchase your goods and services

Monthly Reporting

We send monthly reports with positions updates and important news, to make clients aware of any alterations in the industry and advising suggestion to help secure their business online


Not only are we SEO geniuses (humbly saying) but we have its place in mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We debate strategy, what’s working and what to stay away from. We remain on top of our industry to promote your site

Rule the Google

We aren’t satisfied with only the top spot. We want to dominate the whole page. We have successfully taken over for the toughest searches in the nation


We are here to help you so weather you have a quesstion, a problem to resolve or in search of an update, our team would be happy to hear from you. We are not a faceless organization. You’ll get to know our team.

Made In-House

No outsourcing, black hat tactics, or cutting corners. Entire work is done in-house by our team of internet marketing professionals


It’s month-to-month contracts. If you are paying for service of a company who doesn’t deliver results, why should you be obligated to linger?

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

Get Started Now

Why choose R.I.D.M.?

What makes Ryota Iwai Digital Media different

Ryota Iwai Digital Media has incredible resources to get the websites on the very first page of Google in order for business owners to make their dreams come true to change the world in their own unique ways.

We can show you a clear path to be on the page 1 of Google Search Engine Results by providing market analysis, competition analysis, keyword analysis, and website analysis in depth with the information you could get anywhere else.

What people say about R I D M

Why should you care about Google optimization?

It’s a competition. You need to be in the game and be strong there. If you haven’t done anything and let your website just sit in the web of tens of billions of websites, why would anyone be able to find your business? You are leaving lots of customers you could serve to your competitors.

How would you take advantage of Google organic traffic

You can work with the best search engine optimization company with a track record. It’s not something that anyone with basic knowledge could do SEO without proper resources and constantly updated knowledge. It is actually could hurt your website if you work with imcompetent SEO.

What could you achieve with successful search engine optimization campaign?

Difference between being on Page 1 and the rest of pages is like heaven and earth. All the traffic only pays attention to who is on page 1. When you think about how much a customer worth to you, you probably would have goosebumps for how much cash you are leaving on the table. Being on Page 1 really bring your business to the next level.

Does it work?

The result is most important and we over-deliver. It is impalative to work with competent SEO with knowledge and resources.

Is it safe?

We only use methods that is proven to be work and safe. There is no black-hat tactics. It is pure and powerful white-hat strategy. Risking client’s website is such irresponsible activity and certainly is not professional. Our extensive network makes us incredible results at the end of campaign that no one else can deliver.

Is it legal?

None of our strategies and tactics violates Federal nor any State’s laws. As we are Google Partner, we completely follow and comprehend Google’s constant updates. We don’t violate Google’s terms. We just happened to know why, how, and what makes Google love your website more than any other competitors.

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Staff Members

changing the game with ultimate advertisement on most popular search engine


Make your website visible

Even though you have great products or services to offer, if your website it not visible, it doesn’t matter unfortunately… Today websites are like business cards and they can’t just be sitting without any measure to be found among 300 billion websites in the internet. The website is worthless without good means of inviting traffic.

The facts is that the advertising is a fundamental element to grow any businesses, but the problem with paid advertising of any form of media is that once you stop paying, the traffic to the website also completely stops.

It’s no brainier for big companies who have unlimited budget to spend on their advertisements. But smaller businesses who can’t afford endless expense of advertising have always challenges of keeping up with creating enough traffic from their targeted market. That’s why business owners dream and work very hard to create the word of mouth to grow their businesses.

And it’s truly important to establish great services or products that over-deliver to create the free leads generation without any advertising expense which is words of mouth.

But the businesses can create the additional form of free lead generation to produce over-delivering opportunities to multiply the growth rate of your business.

Imagine what could happen

What if you can have continuous flow of traffic naturally from motivated prospects? What if people who are interested in kind of products or services that you offer keep visiting to your websites? How could it transform your business?

What will happen to your business if the revenue grow ten times. Stop for a moment, and say that number in your head and imagine.

Can you handle the fulfillment of that kind of sales? How would you scale your business to handle that kind of sales increase? That’s the kind of problems you will encounter but I bet you would rather enjoy solving those problems. Because it is far better than struggling with getting and maintaining the traffic to your business website.

Here is the secret. Well maybe not a secret. There is a way to make that happen. That is investing on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is extremely powerful. In terms of potential ROI, it’s one of the best investments that you could make on your business since you have already invested so much to establish your business. The real secret is that who took action doubled tripled the business.

Take advantage of what Google had changed on how to connect the world

Because there are certain amount of organic searches for specific keywords that describe your products or services (Google data will tell you exactly how much search traffic exists every month for the keywords), top 5 websites of the search results page would get significant amount of “traffic”. The messages on those few websites will certainly be passed on motivated prospects who are looking for kind of information about your products or services that you provide.

In other words, if you invest on good search engine optimization, you can get ROI of minimums three times, sometimes ten times and even twenty times. That’s actually kind of the results the business owners who took the actions got.

And the other part of the truth is that while you are not taking the action, your competitors on top 5 of the organic search results are dominating all the leads. (Everyone knows that nobody even scroll down to check the rest of page let alone the page two and latter to check other website. (Microsoft has conducted the study that concluded that the attention span of today’s internet users is less than 8 seconds)

The one thing that you can do to change this unfavorable situation is to take an action to become the top 5 of the organic search results beating the others out of top 5. If you do not, those top 5 competitors stabilize their business and keep growing to dominate your business.

Now, there are certain things that you can start making sure that your website has good foundation to make this happened. Like any other things, the solid foundation is everything. Get free website audit and professional analysis that you couldn’t get anywhere-else for free without any obligation. It is worth more than $1000 that is a game-changer for your business presence online.

5-steps to bring your website to the page #1


We understand the Google’s algorithm to reverse engineering the every necessary process of pushing the website ranking to page #1. We know exactly what it takes and committed to doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Because that’s what makes us happy and proud.

Developing A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy In Five Steps

The right digital marketing strategy can help you generate leads, promote a specific offer, sell a product or simply boost awareness for your brand. It is important to have a very specific goal in mind to develop an effective marketing strategy. Developing successful campaigns will become easier once you gain more experience and are more familiar with your target audience and their online habits. Don’t give up if your first campaigns are not successful since you can use what you have learned to develop better campaigns. Follow these five steps to create a winning strategy and sell your products or increase awareness for your brand.


1. Determine Who You Want To Target

You need to have a clear picture of the profile you want to target with your campaign. Start by doing some market research if you are not sure who you are targeting. You need to determine the location, age, interests, and occupation of your target audience. The more you know about their online habits when it comes to consuming content and shopping, the easier it will be to target these users. You can conduct research by interviewing existing customers, using surveys or by using studies done on the niche you are interested in.


2. Set Some Details Goals And Choose The Tools You Will Use

You need to have some clear goals in mind to develop a great digital marketing strategy. Your goal could be to generate a specific number of leads, boost your sales numbers to reach a target or to gain a certain amount of followers on social media or for your email list. Once you have set a clear goal, brainstorm some tools you could use to achieve this goal. You also need to determine how you will measure your progress and how you will react if you fall behind. You can use different platforms and tools to reach out to different niches or to follow users across platforms.


3. Leverage Your Existing Digital Marketing Strategies

You probably already have an active Facebook and Twitter page. You might be getting a certain amount of monthly visitors on your official site or blog. You can take advantage of these existing assets for your new marketing campaign. Go over all the different strategies and platforms you use and ask yourself how you can leverage them to reach your new goal. You should also consider using strategies you have relied on in the past, such as launching PPC campaigns or getting back-links on other sites and blogs. You could, for instance, send promotional emails to your existing distribution list, talk about your new campaign on social media or add a new banner to your site or blog to draw attention to your new campaign.


4. Develop Quality Content

Quality content is at the core of any online marketing strategy. You cannot reach out to your target audience and get people interested if you are not offering some type of quality content. You can use articles, images, videos, Podcasts, eBooks, white papers and many other formats for your content. The key is to deliver information that is interesting and helpful to your target audience. Develop content that will help your target audience move through the sales funnel or perform specific actions that correspond to your goals. You can use existing content if you have relevant articles, images, and videos.


5. Monitor Your Results

You cannot launch a digital marketing campaign and sit back. You need to have a proactive attitude and go over your results regularly. This is a good way to make sure that you are on the right track and will allow you to spot potential issues early so you can take action. Ideally, you should have a plan of action in case your strategy does not seem to work. You could for instance plan on offering an additional discount if your initial campaign did not generate enough sales. Break down your goal into smaller steps and use analytics to track your progress.

These five steps will help you develop a great online marketing strategy regardless of what your goals are or of who you want to target. You will have to adapt the strategies and the tools you use in function of what you want to accomplish and of the niche you want to target. Take the time to plan your campaign in details, think of how you will implement it and create a detailed plan with smaller steps you can take on a daily or weekly basis to stay on the right track. Go over your analytics regularly to see what kind of responses your campaign is generating and don’t hesitate to make some changes to the strategies you use if it looks like you are not going to reach your goals on time.

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