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About R.I.D.M.

Our Approach

Ryota Iwai Digital Media is a premier internet marketing agency made to 10x-deliver for their clients who are accepted. The team consists of SEO Strategist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Visual Designer, Copywriter. With latest methods in the industry, they have created numbers of success precedents for their clients.  Even though they do not guarantee rankings, they assure premier professional services and transparency for their clients supported by results.

Our Story

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"Hi I'm an SEO. I help business owners to grow their businesses with Internet Marketing. The truth is no matter how good the products or services are, they can't make any difference in this world. I make their amazing products visible with google SEO to help them make the real difference. I owe this to my grandfather who was an amazing entreprenuer who made countless differences with people who surrounded him and I couldn't save his legacy. My grandfather's name is Shigekazu Takeda. My name is Ryota Iwai and I'm an SEO.

As far as I could remember when I used search engines for the first time was probably when I got my first desktop PC when I was in high school in early 1990's. Internet was a lot of different back then still listening to the noise of dial-up to connect to the internet and waiting for the pages to be loaded for sometimes up to several minutes. But it was just what was expected and no one was complaining about the speed.

Today with mobile devices and light speed ubiquitous internet permanently connected, the world is so different. When you are living through change sometimes you forget the change I've gone through because my sense of normal had been adopted subconsciously as I went.

I had never really realized the significance and the power of internet 100% even I heard people saying here and there until much much later on. I buy pretty much everything online, And I do pretty much all the chores online, but I didn't really know what was happening behind the scene until one day, I clicked one of the online advertisements which I didn't usually do.

It was beginning of small dots connecting each other and I started learning what was really happening behind the internet scenes. I encountered many mentors and I was introduced to the world of digital marketing and SEO. I was fortunate to know my mentors and became a part of mastermind group where world's best SEOs were involved. I invested my time and energy to learn and practice SEO to actually rank websites on the #1 page of Google search results pages.

I felt that it was not just coincidence that the laminating device and film manufacturing company that my grandfather founded and that had once flourished failed to succeed and disappeared like it never existed around that time. My grandfather was a person many people from many countries respected for his great personality. He took care of many people who came to his life.

Unlike all my family, I didn't resent nor be disappointed for some reasons, but I strongly wished I've known what I knew back then so I could have done something about my grandfather's legacy company. I felt something was telling me to take the next step with what I could do well to be closer to who my grandfather used to be. An entrepreneur who help people and can make a difference to the world.

Deciding to become internet entrepreneur who helped businesses just like my grandfather's business to be more visible to their markets to be able to grow wasn't so difficult, but shifting my life around it took some time. But important thing is that I've realized that no matter how good the products are, it doesn't matter if people don't know them. They can't make the difference.

I never thought I would be good at this kind of thing until that point of my life especially when I think back my old days. This is my mission to promote dreams by making them visible. I strongly believe that dreams come more likely true when they are shared by many individuals.

Realizing that the internet made it possible that 7- billion people across the oceans can be connected through it, I had to do something about it. I founded Ryota Iwai Digital Media. " --Ryota

Ryota Iwai is a founder of Ryota Iwai Digital Media, and an internet entrepreneur, who specialize in Search Engin Optimization. He is an expert in digital marketing and also a member of a mastermind group with world's best internet entrepreneurs to continuously stay on top of the industry.

His grandfather was an entrepreneur who established a successful business but couldn't succeed to pass it on to next generation. When Ryota understood that what his grandfather had built over his entire life had disappeared as it didn't exist before, he couldn't manage the desire that comes from the deep inside him to become an entrepreneur who is just like his grandfather.

He had made the decision to establish his own business that helped other business owners who were just like his grandfather inspiring people with their presence and their product to make a difference to the world, yet struggling to grow their businesses.

When Ryota found and learned about Search Engine Optimization in depth, he realized that SEO could fulfill his dream and the dreams of many others. He invested a significant amount of time and capital to learn and master the best knowledge and techniques about Search Engine Optimization.

His most interest is to learn and understand his client's business and its goal to provide the customized service to deliver the most excellent possible results.

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