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Reputation Management

We can help you with problems with negative reviews and competitor's attack. We can correct the negative reputation or prevent the negative reputation in advance to save your business


Have you ever had suffered from bad reviews or rip-off report appearing in your brand search? We have a solution!


What is Google Online Reputation Management?

You have a responsible business with high quality services or product. But when you search your business name in Google, you see negative impressions along with your main website page, such as bad reviews and false rip-off reports. Someone is intentionally trying to harm your business.

Every business has it’s own enemies. What do you do? Often time the businesses have to give up. We at Ryota Iwai Digital Media have a resource to fight against those false impression by bringing down those negative review pages to where you cant’ see.

It won’t be a easy project, because since someone put effort to bring such negative review page to the top of the search results for your brand search to begin with. Which means that we need to utilize massive resources to conquer the intentional page ranking.

Take control of your own image of online business. Don’t let anyone negatively affect your online presence. Take an action today!



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